Electric Bike Conversion Kit by eZee Kenitic

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The kit without the battery and battery mounting rack is only $840. (for an upgrade to a 14 amp.hr. lithium battery, add $220).

Using the same powerful 300 average watt motor (over 700 peak hill climb watts) the lithium battery system world famous for reliable grunty power, the eZee kit gives you the option to convert your bicycle into a state-of-the-art electric bicycle. Installation is straightforward with basic DIY skills and a basic set of tools. The kit has all the equipment included to make your bike a twenty first century marvel, right down to the cable ties, the handle grips, and the shrink tubing. Back or front wheel drive units are stocked in our warehouse, and we stock 20", 26" and 28"(700mm) wheels sizes.

Read the e-bike forums for the legacy of praise that the eZee components get from the experts. Leading conversion specialists around the world pick the eZee for grunty performance and reliability. We supply to many custom project builders of e-vehicles as well, and our parts inventory is extensive. When you consider buying a conversion kit, consider that if it fails on you, its worse than useless. The eZee kits are guaranteed to work for you and have a long reputation for reliable service. They provide the best value, although not the cheapest kit out there.

The eZee kit is 20% more grunt than the common 250 watt units offered by other vendors, and will assist you up the steepest climbs and go the distance with efficient assist. Our bikes with the same motors went up Baldwin Street in Dunedin to the delight of the Press and Council members recently. eZee has the power that you are seeking but it offers much more than that. The kit is delivered with an optional limiter that either allows you to go up to about 35 kph without pedaling (depending on wheel size) or can be limited to cut out the assist at 25kph.. While that limited performance is perfect for most folks, some will want to so go faster in the unlimited mode. Significantly faster speeds are possible with pedaling of course, yet still legal on the bike-ways. The larger wheel sizes go significantly faster than the smaller diameter wheels as the motor turns all wheels roughly the same rpm. Superior components are also used throughout the kit which means you won’t be breaking down like the weaker brands. Weinman rims (German), mounted Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres (German), Scanvik 13g. stainless spokes(Scandanavian), quality keyed ignition,locking battery and the best cased. slide in battery systems on the market, are the standard components. Heavy duty rear rack, suitable for heavy panniers, is included in the system price. The great design of eZee equipment keeps the pro conversion specialists using our equipment and will please you as well.

They are robust in construction, with great technology built into the planetary geared motor and self-diagnostic controller that makes the operation while riding very intuitive. The "softstart" technology built into the controller sets it apart from the jerky cheap gear and will impress you. And rZee makes it easy to fit to your bike with waterproof quick connections to the e-brakes, throttle, and front light. You will get what you pay for with eZee, so if reliability is important, check the internet forums about all the conversions that have been successful with eZee equipment and make an informed decision.

This is the same conversion kit used by three of New Zealands best ebike conversion specialists, and the one we use in our own service centers. If taking your trusty bike into an e-bike incarnation is your desire, this is the premium unit for a down to earth price. If you want the kit fitted on your bike at a reasonable price, contact us or one of our conversion specialists in your area that can mount these high quality component kits for you.

***Don't be confused by dealers that will try to sell you kits that have the peak watts listed, as the legal requirements require the controllers to limit the power to be legal as bicycles. NZ has a fair and progressive limit on bicycle powering, and the eZee offering is more powerful than most, but still within the legal framework of being a bicycle. If you are building an off-road powerhouse contact us about our systems that are specific for that.

Click on pictures to see bikes our customers have converted using the eZee conversion kit!

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TyresGerman Schwalbe Marathon Plus puncture resistant tyres. Size depends on kit ordered
HardwareStainless steel bolts and fastenings used throughout the kit. Only specific parts are otherwise
SpokesScanvik 13G Stainless steel
BrakesShimano Disc rotor comes with either front or back wheel kit
BearingsQuality sealed bearings on wheels and motor
Rear CarrierAl Alloy 25kg rated superack (suitable for weighted panniers) battery locks into this track and is protected

Electric System

InterfacePatent pending Gen 2 reads true battery charge level and has pedal assist and throttle override on simultaneously. Weather sealed, has advanced functions for owner preference
Motor300W eZee manufactured Hi-torque Brushless with Planetary Reduction Gears
ControllerHigh amperage capable controller with self diagnostic LED function. Has clever operation to give intuitive rider experience
Battery36 volt (charges to 40 volts, 14Ah Lithium Polymer battery standard .Cells are Samsung with advanced battery management system circuitry. Battery has no ‘memory’ issues.
ChargerAlloy Cased 4 Amp output Fast Charger with auto shut-off. Monitors condition of battery charge for perfect topping up.


Maximum SpeedSpeeds up to 35 kph, depending on wheel size, without pedaling, Higher speeds with pedaling
RangeUp to 80 kms depending on rider input and terrain and battery capacity
Power modes5 levels of Pedal assist mode with throttle override at all times (eZee patent pending).